Is Read 180 being updated to work with Google Chrome v60+

I am a tech for a school system with a local server running Read 180. We have hundreds of Chromebooks that will not work with Read180 because they have updated to Chrome 60 and Google/Chrome 60 has finally dumped Adobe Flash support. The students cannot get past the mic check because of the Flash dependent microphone. Can we expect and update soon for Read 180 that maybe uses html5 or java for the microphone? We are delaying grants for more Chromebooks until we determine if Read 180 will work on them in the future.

Posted on: October 03 2017
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  • AskDee

    READ 180 Universal has a setting to bypass the microphone in the latest update. I don't think there are plans to change the older editions. I suggust that you give Tech Support a call at 1-800-283-5974.

    We are also having microphone issues while using Chromeboxes. What is the solution. All we have in the Read 180 Lab is Chromeboxes. I have checked all the settings in Chrome, and we have the recording interrupt and stop every week on one or more or these chromboxes.


    Have you called Tech Support? Their number is 1-800-283-5974. They will know the answer to this question. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    Did anyone find a resolution to this? We have hundreds of students that can't use the mic on their Chromebook.


    sfancher2000, have you checked with Tech Support about the microphone issue? Their number is 1-800-283-5974. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community


    From Tech Support: Students using Next Generation programs on Chromebooks and desktops using Chrome OS 60 or later and connected to a locally-installed server will be unable to move past the microphone check or record activities. Contact the Help Desk at 1-800-283-5974 if your students are stuck in the program as a result of this. (Chromebooks using earlier versions of Chrome OS are not affected). Tech Support will be better able to assist at that time. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    Any news on this problem?


    Ask understand this from Tech Support, this is something that is being addressed. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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