How many listening centers do you have in your room?

I ask because this is one area I want to improve in for next year. When the coach came out to assist me this year I asked her about it and she said that I really needed SIX! How on earth does one fit six tape players in the room? I know that it is definitely useful having that many since the students are all in different books, but I can't figure out the logisitics of it.

Posted on: May 28 2017
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  • I would consider how many students you have in each IR group. If you only have 4 in a group, max, then you only need 4. If you have 6 in your largest group AND you anticipate having all 6 reading audiobooks, then yes, 6 is needed. However, unless you are teaching System 44, it would be unusual to have 6 students reading audiobooks at the same time. All listening centers could be organized and stored in the Reading Center where students would read their audiobooks.


    Debbie is right. How many students do you have in your class? Are you teaching System 44? How many minutes a day do you teach System 44, if that is what you are teaching? Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    I had both System 44 and Read 180. I had 26 students. There were 4 rotations and I had a total of 120 minutes each day to implement everything (so I had plenty of time). Each group had around 6 people in them.

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