Is there a maximum lexile score a student can earn that would disqualify them for the program?

Is there a ceiling score when it comes to Lexile that would suggest a student does not need to enroll in Read 180 U? We are familiar with minimum scores to determine whether a student uses System 44 software versus Read 180U software. However, I can't locate a chart showing a top end/maximum lexile score that would suggest a student does not need to be in the program at all.

By rkoski
Posted on: June 07 2017
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  • For Next Generation users, in SAM Reports, the Reading Inventory Progress to College and Career Report (Individual Student) as well as the Reading Inventory Growth Goals Report (classroom report) give grade-level reading Lexile ranges. This resource also shows grade-level Lexiles across all grades: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/resource/scholastic-sri-college-and-career-proficiency-bands-to-be-implemented-2015-with-sri-cc . I look for students to be in the Proficient Range; however, there is more to consider than just Lexile before moving from the supportive READ 180 Class to an unsupported gen ed class. Other issues I consider are students motivation and writing skills. I have students who are reading at level, but their writing is either completely disorganized or they refuse to write independently. Writing is a huge factor for success in the gen ed classes. As one teacher recently said, in academia, "We read to write." I also have students who may be reading below proficiency level, but who are very motivated, completing all work without reminders and refusals. In this case, a student reading below proficient may be able to be placed in gen ed (we start with ICS) and I know he/she will continue to improve and work hard because they are academically motivated.

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