Rbook management, organization, and logistics

What is the best way you've found to manage the physical rbook? Shelves? Bins? They are so heavy and cumbersome! I've taught Read180 for 6 years and every year I've tried something new. They've all been 'ok' solutions but I'd love some suggestions! I'm looking for an easier way to visually know which rbooks go with each class and group. Color coding bins and shelves is the closest I've gotten but they somehow still manage to place their book in/on the wrong place! To be honest, my back just can't take lugging 80 rbooks around the room anymore. Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

Posted on: May 25 2017
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  • AskDee

    The easiest I've ever seen is the separate bin, crate, drawer for the books kept by the door to the classroom. The best managed I've ever seen was one where the teacher stood at the door as the students left the classroom and took the books from the students as they left, and SHE put them in the crate. She did not have to lug books any place, They were in the same place every day. She used two-gallon ziplock bags to put all of the supplies, the READ 180 Library book, QuickWrites, Graphic Organizers, smaller notebook, and the rBooks together in the ziplock bag. Debbie Lee uses a different system where she uses magazine holders for everything the student uses, and they go back on the shelf at the end of the period. Vigilance is the key to both of those situations. I'm sure Debbie keeps an eye on that area of the room at the end of each class. It feels strange sometimes that we have to keep our eyes on these most mundane things, but I'd bet these kids have messy rooms at home, too. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    Good question! I used bins and had them all lined up under the white board in order from 1-30. Each student had a number and their supplies were numbered so if they accidentally left something out, I knew where it went. It worked okay this year. I think what I need to do for next year is to be more vigilant about reminding them to not just dump their stuff in quickly and move on because they started creating a mess of the bins. I only had one class though so this was feasible for me. I'm not sure what you could do though if you had several different classes.

    I have two ways I keep students' rBooks organized. One is using a wooden 36 bin work organizer that is sturdy enough to handle students rough handling. Each bin is identified by a white contact paper bumper sticker students design during the 1st week of school. The bins hold all student materials: their rBook, class folder, and IR book. More information can be found in my blog here: http://educatorcommunity.hmhco.com/site/stage-c/blog/stage-c/where-theres-a-will-there-is-a-way. . I also tie long pieces of ribbon (1/4" x 36") on the wire binding for students to use as book marks and for me to help identify books placed in the wrong class. Each year, I match the ribbon color to the folder color of each class. This year, I had blue, orange, and green classes.

    I've been thinking about doing something like your ribbon idea dleeohs! I'm glad to know it works for someone :-) I love the idea of assigning students numbers, I'd love to know if any middle or high school teachers have had any success with this. Numbering up to 100 seems daunting!


    Debbie teaches high school READ 180. If you have 100 students, I would advise dividing and conquering. Use a class number or letter and a student number and letter. I'd put them on different shelves from one class to another. In a room that is large enough, you could put each class's set of books in different areas of the room. Without knowing your classroom logistics, I'm afraid that I'm not that much help. A few years ago I was in many different classrooms and saw many different arrangements. I could look at a room and see if it was organized well or not. Maybe you have a teacher friend who could look at your classroom after you have it arranged with your new system who could be a second set of eyes that might see something that you don't see. Dee Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

    Hi...little late to this convo, but here's what I do with rBooks. I teach 4th & 5th grade. I have 2 bins for each grade level--an "A" and "B". Books have a sticker with their name & letter so they know where to put them. As they come in, they grab their books for whole group, leave them at the their seat while in rotations. My kids always rotate from small group to software, so when they leave small group, they drop them in the bins on the way to software

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