Problem with retesting in Reading Inventory

I tested my whole class yesterday and a couple of them showed a significant drop in Lexile. I went today to rest those couple of students. Most had no problem, however, one student got an error message that his last Reading Inventory had been too soon. It would not allow him to test again. Any ideas? I have never had this issue before.

By cnd8
Posted on: October 12 2017
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  • AskDee

    Students should not be re-tested using the Reading Inventory too close to the last test Less than a month between tests is too close; they should really only be tested once a quarter. Part of the algorithm for determining test results is time between tests. Should a student have a "bad" test, the "bad" test must be removed before re-testing the student. Usually, a person with software administrative rights needs to remove the "bad" test in Reading Inventory Grading Tools in SAM. Dee

    Thank you, but I read on here that if a score dips more than 60 points, it should be considered invalid and then a retest should be administered. Is this not correct?

    Also, I have Admin rights as well. Where do I go once I login to SAM with my admin account to remove that last "bad" score?

    I believe I have figured out how to Remove the poor session.


    You are correct about re-testing when a score is outside the SEM. You need to delete the "bad" test before you re-test in order to have a good testing session. Some people have simply changed the time between tests, but that does not get around the problem of starting with a score that is too low to begin with and the short time between tests. The software starts the student test based upon the score of the last test and uses the time between tests as part of the algorithm. Dee, Ask Dee


    Email me at AskDee@sbcglobal.net if ou need more explicit directions for removing the "bad" tests. Dee, Ask Dee at the READ 180 Community

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